Welcome to the
National Assembly

Above: Logo of the National Assembly

Welcome to the website of the National Assembly

The National Assembly is Gapla's bicameral (although it is often described as de facto unicameral as both chambers meet together) legislature consisting of 10 legislators, elected through closed party-list proportional representation every six months.

The President, Deputy President, Speaker of the National Assembly, and the Leader of the Opposition are in the Federation Council, the upper house, and all other members are in the Chamber of Representatives, the lower house.

The Assembly is responsible for solving Gapla's biggest problems, drafting laws, and creating legislation for a better, fairer country. Members of the National Assembly are called representatives.

Composition of the National Assembly

The National Assembly is composed of a total of ten seats, with the Federation Council taking four and the Chamber of Representatives taking six.

Leftist Coalition: 2 seats (in opposition)

Rightist Coalition: 8 seats (in government)